Currently we aren’t able to experience the perfection of birds, although we should remember that it took millions of years for them to achieve the amazing streamline and huge agility. Despite the limited resources, we are already able to enjoy the airspace (and I’ve been doing so for years!)

Probably one of the most adventurous ways of flying: with a hangglider seeking thermals. On this picture you can see the top cables hang loose; the wing flies! Just because it simply is made for flying. Here I am flying with a Funfex close by Lake Garda, Italy.








A well known airplane to many of us: Cessna 172.






Actually that very Cessna was the spring board towards flying an airship: this was a Lightship A60+ with Aquafina in 2003.










With an equal lot of joy I fly this ‘Minimum’; a hang glider with a tiny engine. In this case a Bautek Pamir wing with Corse-air Black Devil engine.